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    SPECIFICATIONS FOR COATING STRUCTURAL STEEL 1.0 DESCRIPTION The Work shall consist of: .1 Surface preparation and application of a coating system on structural steel components in the fabrication shop or in the field as described in this Specification and shown on the Drawings;

  2. Technical Reference Guide - Fastenal

    Carbon steel can be classified as an alloy steel when the manganese content exceeds 1.65%, when silicon or copper exceeds 0.60% or when chromium is less then 4%. Carbon steel can also be classified as an alloy if a specified minimum content of aluminum, titanium, vanadium, nickel or any other element has been added to achieve specific results.

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    Products. True Temper uses premium-grade steel to engineer the Gold Standard of golf shafts. Browse True Temper's tour-proven irons shafts, and learn more about the #1 shafts in golf.

  4. FST Golf Shafts | Steel Shafts

    Femco Steel Technology (FST) is committed to continuous improvement and development of high-quality and high-performance golf shafts. FST, a reliable source of steel shafts for large golf equipment companies in its early years, has now become the second largest source of steel golf shafts in the world. FST's precision manufacturing processes and innovative designs produce shafts that are ...

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